1. Conduct a background research to know who’s expected at the exhibition, and identify your primary targets for sales efforts.
  2. Understand your products or services, and rehearse how to introduce them to prospects. Also think on your feet and prepare to enlighten prospects about how your products or services can apply to as many scenarios as possible.
  3. Encourage visitors to fill your log book and indicate what products or services they may need (if any). Your log book may be digital, paper, or a combination of both formats.
  4. Dress to impress and be deliberate about smelling pleasant from hair to body. If you feel at any time that the intensity of your perfume or body spray has faded, spray some more!
  5. Brush your teeth and tongue before leaving for the exhibition venue and if you’re still not sure about your breath, use sweet-smelling candies to keep it fresh. Chewing gums are also an option – if you can chew without distracting the flow of sales conversations.
  6. Never miss opportunities to engage passers-by and start conversations with them. Note that all conversations don’t have to start with a sales undertone. Study each scenario and know when to listen in order to gather selling points.
  7. Answer questions intelligently rather than hand out flyers to visitors as an escape route due to little or no preparation on your part.
  8. Exude confidence and ask questions aimed at clarifying potential project requirements.
  9. Don’t limit efforts to your exhibition booth – network with people wherever you find them.
  10. On each business card received, write down where and how you met, opportunities discussed, and how they prefer to be contacted (Email, Call, SMS etc.). This is to avoid being ignored, for example, by people who don’t like answering calls from strange numbers.
  11. The above point implies that you must always have a functional pen with you. One way to ensure this is by having an extra pen on standby. Another strategy is to include pens in the promotional gift items for visitors, so you can always reserve some for yourself.
  12. Take your pens and at least 20 business cards/marketing materials everywhere you go during the exhibition – restroom, dining hall, etc.
  13. If sales are targeted at a specific industry, your general marketing materials should be backed up by additional marketing materials containing specific communication, bundles, and discounts that appeal to that industry.
  14. As the exhibition unfolds, capture pictures and videos and post them to your social media feed and stories, WhatsApp status, etc. Remember to use strategic hashtags to boost engagement.
  15. Smile often and stay energetic, as this will make more prospects attracted to your exhibition booth. Comfortable shoes are a great way to ensure that you don’t feel tired too soon and retreat to a selfie corner.

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