Setting up a new business from scratch is no easy feat! There’s so much to be done, and you’re sometimes overwhelmed just looking at your To-do list. Sometimes, you’re not sure of how to prioritize your list and at other times, you don’t even have a list to begin with. You sometimes try to do everything at once, but life happens and you put a hold on developing your new business until one day, it dawns on you that so many months have passed and you still haven’t made much progress.

These are some of the issues with setting up a new business, and you’re probably battling with them right now. But not to worry, Fetch Consulting is here to relieve you of all those burdens once and for all. Give us 30-90 days and your new business will be all set up from scratch to top! How’s that for some relief?

For just ₦300,000 payable in installments, we’ll provide everything you need to attract Customers, convince Investors and qualify for Grants:

– Brand Assets
– CAC Registration
– Business Documents
– Market Entry Strategies
– Organizational Structures
– Product Development
– Website Design
– Recruitment

Our Team comprises passionate Professionals with years of hands-on experience in their respective fields and together, we will provide all the resources required to ensure that your new business is up and running in barely 30 days. Nothing will be left undone, and you can finally commence operations as a Boss. We offer free Business Advisory to our Start-up Consulting Clients for one whole year!

We’re available for a quick Discovery Session to discuss how we can fine-tune your Startup idea and bring it to life. To request a Discovery Session, please tap here now.