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Our sales closing service is exactly what your business needs to persuade warm leads into buying from you. Typically, we make initial contact through Phone Calls, Personalized E-mails, Business Proposals, Sales Letters, WhatsApp/Text Messages, etc. Then, we start attending to responses from those sources and closing sales while opportunities are still hot and bubbly. Some leads buy early while others buy late, but late buyers should never be neglected. Otherwise, you’ll risk losing them forever and who knows? They could have turned out to be some of your highest-paying customers. Our usual practice after initiating first contact for sales closing is to stay in touch with everyone so that late buyers will choose your Brand when they’re ready to buy, and early buyers will gladly buy more.
Our business advisory and support services will make your existing business and startup ideas irresistibly attractive to target audiences. As a result, you’ll fetch new business opportunities on a regular basis. Whenever you're faced with complex business problems and all the solutions that come to mind are not working, simply invite Fetch Consulting to advise you from an unbiased perspective and recommend winning resolution strategies in the best interest of your business. If you're an expatriate looking to invest in Nigeria, organize an event or extend your business operations to Nigeria, Fetch Consulting can achieve tangible results on your behalf through services like Partner Verification, Market Research, Distributor Sourcing, etc. This will save you travel and related expenses in the meantime.
We will make target audiences fall head over heels in love with your Brand and become loyal customers, word of mouth evangelists - or better still, a combination of both. All you have to do is let us know which of your products or services you’d like us to focus on, and we’ll prepare a Strategic Plan to guide marketing communication efforts over an agreed period of time. We choose between a plethora of marketing communication options, depending on response rates at each stage of the entire process. Some of the available options include LinkedIn and Featured Articles, Press Releases, News Mentions, Blog and Social Media Posts, Radio Jingles, Theme Songs, TV/Mobile Commercials, Drama Series, Advert Banners, Info graphics, eBooks, Fan Competitions, Interviews, Skits, YouTube Shows, etc.
Leads are generated via several sources like online research, digital marketing campaigns and networking events. While networking events aren’t so popular these days because of the Covid-19 restrictions, online research and digital marketing are still thriving. We work closely with our Marketing Communications Department when configuring Digital Marketing Campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Some campaigns require us to design Website Landing Pages where leads will be persuaded to buy a commodity instantly or indicate interest in buying later by providing their contact information like name, email address and phone number. We have other strategies for collecting contact information that our Sales Closing Department can use to fetch more customers for your business.