Your Business Development Team can close more deals than usual. Register them for our Sales Training and we will show them how. In addition, they will be empowered with structured marketing information, clarity of performance indicators and corresponding implementation strategies to reposition them for success.

We know from experience that if Business Development Team Members clearly understand their roles in the Client Acquisition and Retention Cycle, their respective performance levels will significantly increase. Therefore, your company’s Training Curriculum will be built around your unique business model and aim to close performance gaps within your Team.

Our Training Facilitators have worked with global brands such as ACCA, World Bank, KPMG, Nextzon, USAID, ConnectNigeria, QAARDAN, Flapmax, OPIC, Gupshup, NLNG, Lifecard Realtors, ISFUND, Founders Bootcamp, CGAP and California Institute of Technology, just to mention a few.

This 3-day Sales Training is a proven revenue growth strategy for small, medium and large companies alike. Your Team needs it to reposition them for peak performance in their respective roles, so your business can grow faster. We have delivered customized versions of this Training to Entrepreneurs and Business Development Professionals in Marketing, Sales, Relationship Management, Public Relations, Customer Services, Digital Marketing and Product Management.

Areas of concentration for this Sales Training include Career Skills, Product Knowledge, Marketing Strategies, Business Model Analysis, Key Performance Indicators, Lead Generation & Conversion, Collaboration & Reporting, New Revenue Streams, Client Retention and Up-selling.

Registration Fee is ₦250,000 per Team of not more than 5 participants. Use the form below to register your Team and we’ll respond with the earliest available dates you can choose from. If your Team Members are more than 5, please let us know using the “Ask a question” section of the form:

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