Companies don’t close sales at the same pace, and the reasons vary from target buyers to customer type. Between B2B and B2C Companies for example, B2Cs are known to close sales faster because their target buyers can pay for goods and services they’re interested in without seeking approval from Colleagues, Employers, and other people with higher authorities over them.

We develop and implement Marketing Strategies aimed at increasing sales. Foreign Companies use our Sales Development service to enter the Nigerian market; according to them, it’s a more convenient way to explore the economic atmosphere in Nigeria without paying the full price of traveling all the way here and spending otherwise valuable time to get stuff done. It’s a win-win situation for them. Our Sales Development services are also useful to Established Companies and Startups in Nigeria that want to enjoy the benefits of hiring experienced hands to develop sales opportunities for them without bearing the permanent costs of things like Health Insurance, Annual Leave, etc.

Whether you need our professional intervention on a one-time Sales Development project or you want to retain our services over an extended period of time, Fetch Consulting is at your beck and call. We switch between Physical and Digital Sales Development Strategies.

We’re available for a quick meeting to discuss how we can increase sales for your Company. To choose a date and time that’s convenient for you to have this meeting via Zoom, please tap here now.