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Corporate Training (1 monthly + unlimited participants):
Skills, Employability, Awareness, Sales & Marketing

Business Writing (4 projects monthly):
Proposals, Concept Papers, Letters, Press Releases, Articles, 1 Business Plan, 1 Grant

Strategy Development (2 projects monthly):
Sales, Marketing, CSR, Communication, Branding, Restructuring, New Venture

Social Media Management (12 posts monthly)
Page/Channel Evaluation, Content Creation, Post Scheduling, Engagement with Followers, Reporting, Action Plan

Website Maintenance (4 change requests monthly):
1 WordPress Design, Blogging, SEO Optimisation, Security Updates, Content Review, Feature Tweaks, etc.

Content Creation (18 projects monthly):
1 Animated Video, Photo Banners, Slideshows, 1 Promo Song, 1 Radio Jingle

Digital Marketing (4 campaigns monthly – on your budget):
Market Research, Offer Analysis, Landing Page Design, Campaign Configuration, Impact Assessment

Lead Nurturing (unlimited – per campaign):
Telemarketing, Emailing, Qualification, Appointment Setting, Virtual Meeting, Negotiation

Frequently Asked Questions:

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