You must understand your business niche in order to truly conquer it. Do you even know your business niche, or
Just few weeks ago, your marketing teams could freely attend events and meetings. But people are suddenly concerned about being
Conduct a background research to know who's expected at the exhibition, and identify your primary targets for sales efforts. Understand
THE NEED: Our Client wanted to set up a football-based business in Nigeria, and needed to gather the opinions of
THE NEED: Some Nigerians contacted DANA Dairy with intentions of distributing their products in Nigeria. DANA Dairy needed to verify
PROBLEM: Softbrooks just hired a new set of Business Developers, and needed them to learn best practices for Lead generation
Say you just met with a Client and during the meeting, stakeholders agreed on some new action points. If the
PROBLEM: The Client’s Marketing Team was underperforming, and this led to poor sales results. Fetch Consulting was invited to resolve
PROBLEM: The organization needed to enlighten beneficiaries about how to leverage on Career Advancement opportunities in the corporate world. SOLUTION:
THE NEED: Founders Bootcamp is organized in collaboration with UCLA and California Institute of Technology. They needed a physical representative
Recently, I received an email from Apple, asking me to complete a transaction that I obviously never initiated on my
Receiving lots of business cards? It’s okay to believe that you won’t have issues when it’s time to sort those