Just few weeks ago, your marketing teams could freely attend events and meetings. But people are suddenly concerned about being infected by the Corona Virus and as a result, physical marketing efforts have stifled. So what plans do you have to keep selling your services while tackling the Corona Virus.


    1. Rewrite the content of your website pages to include convincing value statements and SEO-friendly keywords, so that people searching for your services via Google will be directed to your website. If you have an advertising budget set aside, invest in Google Ads to complement organic traffic.

    2. If you’ve never thought about developing subscription plans for some or all of your services, now is a good time to try out this strategy. Click here to view an example of what a website page with service subscription plans looks like. Fetch Consulting can help you to develop product or service plans and configure subscription tables on your website.

    3. Ensure that your website has a modern design and interactive features in place that can prompt visitors to make a purchase before leaving your website. Make time-bound offers and configure call-to-action buttons, Help Desk, Livechat, Newsletter subscription forms, etc. If you need advice on what other sales-driving features to implement on your website, click here to contact us.

In addition to the above recommendations, you could also publish informative newsletters and blog posts, make regular follow-up calls to your leads and customers, furnish your audience with industry tips or troubleshooting strategies, and so much more. If you learnt anything from this article, kindly contribute your quota to a better economy by sharing it with every business owner you know. Meanwhile, protect yourself from the Corona Virus by avoiding crowds, observing social distancing, and washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds each time.

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