We're a business development agency focused on providing ongoing advisory and support services to new and existing companies. Our approach is to conduct needs assessments, identify gaps, and implement the most effective solutions for each department or company as a whole. Our services are aimed at solving everyday problems for business owners and employees.


Start-up Support
Setting up a business from scratch or at a new location is made easier with advisory and support from Fetch Consulting. You and your team will feel like superheroes while leveraging on our wealth of knowledge and experience to form a properly structured business with global standards of operation.
Business Management
Business owners outsource operations management to Fetch Consulting for various reasons. Some are out of Nigeria and don't want business performance to reduce because of their absence, while others are too busy to keep tab on the numerous, time-consuming business activities.
Expat Representation
If you're an expatriate looking to invest, organize an event, or extend your business operations to Nigeria, Fetch Consulting can help you achieve quite a lot in Nigeria without being physically present. We'll also plan your trip when it's time to visit and of course, support you on arrival to Nigeria.
Staff Outsourcing
Do you need competent professionals to work at your organisation on a temporary or full-time basis? The staff of Fetch Consulting are at your beck and call. We train them in preparation for various roles, and provide ongoing career support services aimed at ensuring maximum productivity.
Communication Review
You don't want people struggling to understand what value your organization offers, or why they should keep patronizing you. Fetch Consulting can make your marketing communication error-free, easy to understand, and capable of attracting target customers to your business.
Sales Closing
We can generate leads on your behalf, follow them up, fix appointments with decision-makers, deliver compelling presentations, negotiate favourable terms, close deals, and manage relationships. Lead generation is done digitally, via phone calls, at events, and pretty much everywhere we go.
Training Interventions
Knowledge gaps are responsible for an awful lot of under-performance cases. You'll be amazed at how regular training sessions will spruce things up at your organization. We offer classroom and experiential training options suitable for teams. Private training and advisory sessions are also available.
Business Writing
Are you stuck with a writing project that's stressing you out? Hand it over to Fetch Consulting and enjoy the relief that comes with knowing that experts are working diligently to impress you with a professionally-finished work. We write books, documents, articles, blog posts, brand stories, etc.

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