Grab attention and win audience loyalty when you outsource your corporate writing needs to Fetch Consulting. Plans start at ₦50k monthly or ₦500k annually (save ₦100k).


Corporate Writing
When people come across content that’s boring, unnecessarily long, or choked with technical details, chances are that they will flee and never return. Protect your brand from such outcomes by inviting us to audit your corporate communication and manage related projects going forward.
Website Maintenance
It’s not enough to have a website designed for your business or personal brand. What happens when you need to update features, review content or upload weekly posts to your blog? Contact Fetch Consulting to handle your website design, redesign and ongoing maintenance needs.
Bulk Follow-up
So you have a long list of prospects who indicated interest in some of your offers during an event or online advert campaign - now what? Don’t wait for those opportunities to grow cold before you establish first contact. Hire our telemarketers to call everyone and close deals for you.
Virtual Assistance
Who comes to the rescue whenever your customers and staff need answers to questions, help with office tasks, or troubleshooting support? Fetch Consulting can take up this role at your organization, so that customer retention and staff performance can flourish consistently.
Skills Training
You'll be amazed at how continuous learning will spruce things up for you and your team members. Fetch Consulting will teach you how to use any mobile or desktop App, all you need to know about any topic of your choice, and skills required for business and career development. Get in touch.
Expat Representation
If you're an expatriate looking to invest, organize an event, or extend your business operations to Nigeria, Fetch Consulting can help you achieve quite a lot in Nigeria without being physically present. We'll also plan your trip when it's time to visit and of course, support you on arrival to Nigeria.
Startup Advisory
Setting up a business from scratch or at a new location is made easier with advisory and support from Fetch Consulting. You and your team will feel like superheroes while leveraging on our wealth of knowledge and experience to form a properly structured business with global standards of operation.
Staff Recruitment
Do you need competent professionals to work at your organisation on a temporary or full-time basis? Invite Fetch Consulting to recruit and train the most competent candidates for each role. We also offer on-the-job career support services aimed at ensuring maximum productivity.


At Fetch Consulting, we provide support services that simplify business development and expansion to new markets.

Outsource your corporate writing needs to us from just ₦50,000 monthly and have us on standby whenever your organization needs persuasive content aimed at grabbing attention and winning audience loyalty. We work on emails, documents, profiles, articles, books, website content, product descriptions, theme songs, advert scripts, stories, blog posts and general brand communication.


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